When guests attend a 冰上迪士尼 performance, they are excited to see their beloved Disney stories come to life in a spectacular show. But what they often don’t anticipate is just how completely wowed they are be by the technical expertise of our skaters. 

In fact, being a 冰上迪士尼 professional takes years of disclipline. Our skaters average 15 years of experience and train tirelessly to perfect their skills as they strive for excellence on the ice. 

Check out this collection of 10 epic skating moves you may see during your 冰上迪士尼 experience!

Did you know? 冰上迪士尼 counts over 50 former Olympians and Olympic hopefuls in both lead and ensemble roles. 冰上迪士尼 gives these former competitors the opportunity to continue displaying, perfecting and refining their unique skills! Explore more facts about Disney On Ice skaters.