Donald Duck has been featured in every Disney On Ice production since Walt Disney’s World On Ice debuted in 1981, and we go absolutely quackers for this lovable curmudgeon! In fact, we love him so much the first Disney On Ice show to travel internationally was Happy Birthday Donald! Which opened in Japan in 1986. 


From his iconic voice to his unmistakable waddle, Donald’s passion adds excitement to every adventure he goes on with his pals. In fact, we bet you’ve been at Disney On Ice and thought to yourself, “I wonder if I could shake my tail feather like Donald?” We definitely have, so we’ve enlisted the help of Creative Director Patty Vincent and a few performers to show us how it’s done.  


After you’ve watched the video, check out these tips, tricks, and quotes to help you create your own fun Donald Duck moves. Once you’ve got the movement and the voice down, share your best impression on social using #DisneyOnIce.


  • Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  • Fill your cheeks with air
  • Form your words normally and slowly push the air out as you speak 


  • Bend your knees
  • Push your chest forward and your backside 
  • Put your hands in loose fists by your sides
  • March quickly doing your best waddle 


  • Hello! I’m Donald Duck” (It’s always important to introduce yourself properly)
  • Oh phooey!” (Classic Donald)
  • See? Nothing to it!” (Confident Donald)
  • You big palooka!” (Ok we’ll be honest, we aren’t entirely sure what a palooka is but it is really fun say!)