Great show! Frozen was amazing!! I was especially impressed with all the other princess’s and entertainment. Very much worth the price.

- Family2222, Cincinnati, OH

Amazing Show!! The set was beautiful, skaters were talented… The skater that portrayed Anna did a fantastic job… she’s my hero!

- dj1960, Cincinnati, OH

What an experience!!! To be able to experience the classics as an adult, and to look over at your daughter and see the smile on her face for the new Disney characters was worth it all. The skaters do a wonderful job, choreography and stories were so fun! Thankful I was able to enjoy this with my family!

- COCO13SE, Tampa, FL

My 2 yr old daughter loves Frozen and she was so excited to come see Elsa, Anna and Olaf! That is all she talked about for a week! To see her face during the show was truly priceless!!! She had a blast, even my 10 yr old son, who tagged along said it was very entertaining. I was truly impressed!!! We will definitely go to see more Disney on Ice shows!!!!

- riamcgee, Cincinnati, OH

Great show! They incorporated so many of the Disney classics and the talent of the ice skaters was impressive.

- xoxojmg, Tampa, FL

The skaters were very talented and carried out the meaning of the movie spot on. The kids were amazed by the skills of the skaters. The surprise of the other Disney Characters also brought joy and surprise to our children. We were very very pleased with the show.

- Starcher, Cincinnati, OH