We go to Disney On Ice every year, and as always it was very well put together! Non stop fun for everyone!

- CC04, Hamilton, ON, Canada

This show was perfect !! Not to long,just the right length. The skaters/characters were great. Very beautiful costumes and props. The skate routines were amazing. The skaters did a lovely job at making it seem easy. The acts were wonderfully put together. The cast and crew did an amazing job! Kids were amazed and loved it !! Will go to more Disney On Ice smile

- Jreviews, Hamilton, ON, Canada

I brought my 2 year old daughter and she absolutely loved the show. We were right by the ice so she was able to maintain focus for the majority of the time. Watching her clap and bounce and dance to the songs she listens to at home brought tears to my eyes. It was such a magical afternoon:)

- PressMom, Hamilton, ON, Canada

I was worried my 18 month old would be distracted and cranky from sitting 2 hours but NOPE she was so into it we were front row the skaters come right up to you and wave. Lots of fun to keep kids busy and a great performance. I enjoyed it very much.

- mamabear1411, Hamilton, ON, Canada